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Three booklets with 
philosophical critique 
of aesthetics from:
Immanuel Kant
Martin Heidegger
Wolfgang Welsch

Small complicated foldable forms, with informations and opinions from other people about 
their experience of Beauty. Metaphor of experiencing mystery in our lives.

On the posters are quoted words of important people in our history, and their view on aesthetics. 
Structure is open for your interaction with it.

Friday, June 29, 2012

graduation PROJECT

is a project  in which, I would like to present my research and its interpretation in a visual way about 
form of beauty and aesthetics. Aestheticization in our life have a huge impact on us. It determines our 
behaviour and way of thinking. It is more than a way of showing information for visual language,
it can create special and unique feelings in us.

As humans, we all aim and desire beauty around or to feel it inside us. But do we really know what
Beauty is? Are we appreciating moments with experiencing Beauty it in our lives? 
Do we reflect enought? 

In my work I’m trying to show how form of beauty was changing with the time, 
but also how subjective and universal this term is. 

Everything and in the same time nothing.

Can have different appearance, and interpretations, but the general features stay the same: 
contemplation, meeting the inner self, perceiving, feeling pleasure and satisfaction, connecting to the 
nature, feeling of something special unique. 

I could say “Beauty” is when eternity is not enough.
Not enough to experience.

Please get your new experience and interact with the work, and space.

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