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booklet for lectures for ArtEZ

Monday, September 12, 2011

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

identity /sala kuchikuchi

art portfolio

During my exchange program in the Netherlands I began something really new for me.  I start to deal with sculptures, installations. I was fascinated by the diversity of structures and available materials, and also opportunities what appeared in front of me.This experience/work had influenced on me very strongly, and opened me more to the sculpture and art. Now I know that everything is possible.I tried to learn from experiment as much as possible. I was struggling with my own expectations and choices. I had defied difficulties during the work with materials and hard presentation space.Sometimes the process of creation and making was more important than finishing the things/objects. Not once the results were random or completely unintentional, but another time everything was working very well even if the realization was lasting for months.In this book I want to summarize and show my work.