Sunday, May 15, 2011

MEMENTO/ silent desappearance

Silent disappearance
We always associate stones with something solid, but in reality some of themare very fragile, brittle and easily turned into dust.With time, erosion changes their form.With memories it is the same.Sometimes they seem to be everlasting and imperturbable but sometimes they are fragile like porcelain. They should be refreshed again and again, so they do not lose their power and value.Sometimes they are coming back with double force, striking, but other times disappearing silently without us even noticing. This is what my video is about – the journey of memories.The location of our memories is important. Different for each of us.In every presentation this work will be created by someone else and therefore vary.Becoming the work of another person.Memories (stones) interfer with the space. They do not catch our eyes immediately. They disappear in space.We are full of memories, we live with them, but sometimes they are experienced as a sudden attack and can also fall into nostalgy.

MEMENTO/ they know

They know
The stones are part of our world. They surround us.We are moving past them every day. We have learned to not notice them.But we are able to use them for our purposes.Stones know everything about us, about the world. 
They are witnesses to our lives and behavior.A treasure of reminiscences, desires, gestures and spoken words.
They are consistent while the world is changing.They are earth’s eternal audience. With this installation I would like to present this situation.Stones as beautiful objects which are taken out of context from their normal surrounding. Now they are the audience of the world, but also observed.They observe the world and process what is happening on the screen in front of them. Also in the gallery viewers are watching them and the same process is taking place before their eyes.