Tuesday, June 21, 2011

identity /sala kuchikuchi

art portfolio

During my exchange program in the Netherlands I began something really new for me.  I start to deal with sculptures, installations. I was fascinated by the diversity of structures and available materials, and also opportunities what appeared in front of me.This experience/work had influenced on me very strongly, and opened me more to the sculpture and art. Now I know that everything is possible.I tried to learn from experiment as much as possible. I was struggling with my own expectations and choices. I had defied difficulties during the work with materials and hard presentation space.Sometimes the process of creation and making was more important than finishing the things/objects. Not once the results were random or completely unintentional, but another time everything was working very well even if the realization was lasting for months.In this book I want to summarize and show my work.


is design uselees?

I made 30 different posters, corresponding to five different sentences. My idea for this series of posters is to play with typography and it’s readability in the structure ofthe poster. I ask myself how far I can go, and how much I can creat. I wanted to show how much things one person can make  for one topic. Just atack with nice imiges. Every one of them is good, but together they are losing a lot.The sentences cited in the posters are known to all of us as cliche phrases, which seem lofty and serious at firstly, but then we see that they are so really banal and empty.


bissnes carts